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What is Primal Defense?

Primal Defense is the original proprietary beneficial bacteria formula (HSO) discovered and cultivated over 20 years ago. The naturally occurring colony arrays of beneficial bacteria are non-mutated from the original cultures and are now cultured in U.S. labs using the discoverer's proprietary methods. HSO's are in a substrate of trace elements, enzymes and proteins from plant life that contain over 70 trace minerals and micronutrients.

Technically, HSOs are a probiotic. They are "homeostatic" because their actions directly and indirectly help balance all the systems of the body. In the digestive system, HSOs help lower colonic pH through the production of SCFA (butyric acid) and restore bacterial balance (homeostasis) by crowding out pathogenic bacteria in the GI tract.

They assist in restoring the natural alkalinity of the blood by helping to eliminate harmful acid wastes. HSOs help rebalance the endocrine system by stabilizing blood sugar and restoring integrity to glands through production of SOD, RNA and DNA. And finally, the HSO fortify the immune system by stimulating the body to produce powerful immune chemicals such as alpha-interferon, lactoferin, non-specific anti-bodies, and more T-cells.

How Does It Work?

Impervious to stomach acids and the digestive process, the microorganisms move through the stomach to the intestinal tract where they form colonies along the intestinal walls. HSOs multiply in the intestines and actually compete with "harmful" bacteria for receptor sites, crowding out the pathogens and taking their place.

These pathogenic bacteria are then forced out of the body and will show up in the feces. Foreign matter and putrefacation is digested by the bacteria throughout the intestinal tract and flushed out, cleansing and helping to re-establish proper pH balance. HSOs are "transient," living in the GI tract for about 72 hours and must be replenished daily.

The beneficial soil bacteria emit a protein biomass, carbohydrates, sugars, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other nontoxic gases. These metabolic offshoots are used by the body's immune system to accomplish necessary tasks; for example, they release proteins that are absorbed by the cell tissues. In response, the body produces B-Cells which activate the production of extra antibodies.

Why Do We Need To Take HSO?

For thousand of years, we ingested beneficial bacteria with food grown in rich, unpolluted soil. But for the last 50 years, we have been sterilizing our soil with pesticides and herbicides, killing most soil bacteria both bad and good. Our modern lifestyle, which includes anti-biotic drug use, chlorinated water, over-the-counter drugs and chemicals, is responsible for eradicating much of the remaining good bacteria in our bodies.

Of the four pounds of bacteria in the average adult colon, 85% is supposed to be "beneficial", 15% "harmful." Today, most adults in the Western world have the opposite ratio. Can we live with this inundation of pathogenic bacteria and still remain healthy?

Auto-intoxication, or "intestinal toxemia," is a poisoning of the body resulting from poor waste elimination that can be defined as everything from constipation to more severe diverticulitis and leaky gut. The buildup of waste material in the gut can and does seep into the rest of the body. A lack of beneficial bacteria and inadequate diet are main causes of sluggish bowels. Today bowel disorders are the number one treated disorder in America.

Could there be a connection between the plethora of illnesses and auto-intoxication?

What's The Difference between HSO and Traditional Probiotics?

Implantation . Traditional probiotics like acidophilus are "resident", meaning they are supposed to naturally be in our body already. HSOs are transient, meaning they must come from an outside source and "transmit through the body. Even if they manage to get through the destructive stomach acids, most traditional probiotic supplements can have a hard time implanting in colons that are pH imbalanced or have too many harmful bacteria. HSOs are meant to go through the digestive process and can implant in any colonic environment.

Viability . How can we tell if the probiotic supplements such as aciclophilus are viable when purchased? Most probiotic supplements must be refrigerated because they are extremely temperature and age sensitive. "Resident bacteria live inside in the body and are not designed by nature to live in external environments". In contrast, HSOs are dormant in the capsule, and activated only by fluids when ingested.

Primal Defense has a minimum three year, non-refrigerated shelf life. Soil organisms are very tricky to work with during cultivation and many soil organism supplements may not have the proper delivery systems or the proper substrate to maintain viability. For over twenty years, the HSO in PRIMAL DEFENSE" have been carefully cultivated by the originating biochemist to be symbiotic and have a specially designed, nutrient-rich substrate that feeds the organisms when ingested.

Functions and Actions

The HSOs in the PRIMAL DEFENSE" formula become activated once they come into contact with liquid (body fluids) They are carried to the walls of the GI tract where they begin multiplying into large colonies. Once established, the organisms quickly begin producing the proper environment to absorb nutrients while simultaneously dislodging putrification and pathogenic (disease causing) organisms from the intestinal tract.

1. HSOs work from the inside of the intestine out, dislodging accumulated decay on the walls and flushing the waste out normally.

2. HSOs break down hydrocarbons - a unique ability to split food into its most basic elements allowing almost total absorption through the digestive system. This dramatically increases overall nutrition and rapidly enhances cellular growth and development.

3. HSOs produce specific proteins that act as antigens. These antigens stimulate the immune system, which may help prevent disease and illness.

4. HSOs are very aggressive against pathological molds, yeast, fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

5. HSOs work in symbiosis with somatic (tissue or organ) cells to metabolize proteins and eliminate toxic wastes.

How do HSOs Work with the Immune System?

1. Stimulation of the body's alpha-interferon production. Beneficial bacteria are able to activate the body's own production of several sub-species of its own alpha-interferon which protects the cells against different viruses.

2. Stimulation of B-lymphocyte and related anti-body production. In reaction to the proteins in HSOs, the immune system produces huge pools of extra uncoded anti-bodies ready to protect and defend against infection.

3. Encourages the immune system to increase the number and activity of white cells (T-cells).

4. Provides critical Lactoferrin supplementation. The organisms contained in Primal Defense produce Lactoferrin as a by-product of their metabolism. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein essential for retrieving iron from foods we eat. Many iron "deficiencies" may actually be iron assimilation problems.

What is in Primal Defense?

Primal Defense is two products in one very powerful beneficial soil bacteria in a base of ancient sea deposits, and 2) nutrient-dense concentrated green grass juices in the following ratio: 55% Kamut Grass Juice, 15% Alfalfa Grass juice, 15% Oat Grass Juice, 15% Barley Grass Juice. These juices are in a heavy 33:1 concentrate. Most companies use a 5:1 or 10:1 ratio.

Cereal grasses are the immature shoots of grass that are harvested before 'joining' to become mature grain. They are much richer in nutrients than grains and are well tolerated by those who are sensitive to grains because In their immature stage they contain no gluten. Grasses can pick up more than 90 of the estimated 102 minerals found in soil and contain ample amounts of vitamin A, B, C, and K, offering unique digestive enzymes not available in other foods. These enzymes help resolve indigestible and toxic substances in food.

Cereal grasses contain the antioxidant-enzyme S0D), super oxide dismutase, P4Dl, and the 'Grass Juice Factor, as well as large amounts of chlorophyll. These substances have all been shown to slow cellular deterioration/mutation and are therefore useful in the treatment of degenerative disease. They may even help reverse aging. According to various experts, the substance P4D1 works b stimulating the renewal of RNA/DNA. The "Grass Juice Factor" is an element isolated from cereal grass that has a potent anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Cereal grasses also contain mucopolysaccarides, long chain sugars that are receiving a lot of attention for their unique ability to stimulate the body's repair mechanisms.

HSOs include multiple colony arrays of soil bacteria plus the following micro -organisms: L. Aciclophilus, B, Bificlum, B. Licheniformis, B. Subtilus, L. Lactis, L. Bulgaricus contained in an HSO host medium of minerals plant derived) and ionic #ace elements originating from ancient sea deposits. B. Subtilus and B. Licheniformis have been studied extensively and found to be extremely effective against viruses.

All information on the functions and actions taken from 'Soil Based Organisms Support Immune System from the Ground Up" by Dr. Morton Walker, Townsend Letter for Doctors Aug 97, or 'Beyond Probiotics' by Ann Gittleman.

What to Expect When Taking Primal Defense

What HSOs Do. The beneficial microorganisms in the DefenseComplex are a strong strain of beneficial transient' bacteria. Our bodies do not make these bacteria, we used to ingest them every day with unpolluted food from rich non-chemical soil. Since it is very difficult to get that unpolluted food or soil any more, and we live a lifestyle that kills off much good bacteria in our bodies, we have to supplement our diet every day with these organisms . HSOs have many different functions in our bodies. One function is to cleanse out the rotting layers of undigested hydrocarbons lining our digestive organs; another is to trigger the immune system to create extra white bloods cells that fight disease (T-cells) and a huge extra pool of antibodies (B-lymphocytes). These vigorous white cells and antibodies travel the body searching out "pathogens" or foreign matter that should not be there. White blood cells are "killer cells" that attack parasites as well as bacteria, viruses, fungus, and yeasts that are in the body actively or left over from previous illnesses. A fight then begins between the revitalized immune system and the pathogenic invaders which will cause a 'die-off.'

90 Day Program. Beneficial bacteria in our intestines are responsible for re-establishing the proper bacterial balance in the GI tract. Because most of us have a lot of putrefaction and bad bacteria, the friendly bacteria in Primal Defense must battle overwhelming odds to "crowd out" the harmful bacteria. THIS ALL TAKES TIME. You didn't arrive at your current health situation overnight. You cannot expect a miracle pill to make you into a super-creature overnight either. UNLESS YOU ARE COMMITTED TO TAKING THE DEFENSE PRODUCTS FOR A MINIMUM OF 90 DAYS at the recommended dosages and understand how this product works, DO NOT EVEN START. This is a FUNDAMENTAL, natural restoration process.

Toxin Elimination. As the body cleanses and heals itself, toxins MUST BE PURGED from the body. Many people have very few or very mild toxin-elimination response. But some MAY go through a brief toxin flush or what is known as a 'Herxheimer Reaction ' when the body goes through a short bout of what is or has been a symptom of illness. In homeopathy, it is commonly assumed a Herxheimer reaction is a desired signal meaning the treatment is working. If you do experience a 'healing crisis', DON'T PANIC: THESE BACTERIA ARE NOT MAKING YOU SICK!

Many people, when they understand why they may get a reaction, welcome any temporary discomfort they might experience as evidence of the cleansing and healing process. This discomfort is usually short and mild , from several hours to a day or two depending on the state of the body. For example, a person with allergies may go through an allergic period with headaches, stuffed nose, etc. Someone with chronic fatigue may go through a short time of exhaustion or weakness. A period of constipation is common as the putrefaction is being eliminated from the colon. Sometimes stomach aches or bowel discomfort can occur.

1. Bowel Function. If you've had constipation for a long time, you may have bouts of constipation with periods of normal elimination while the digestive system goes through the normalization process. Much constipation is a result not merely of lack of fiber but absence of the good bacteria necessary for enzymatic action on the food. Defense has a strong enzymatic action and will allow your own body to regulate the elimination process. THIS WILL TAKE TIME, Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to aid in the process and take a good Green drink as a supplement. If you experience constipation, take a mild herbal laxative from the health food store. Do not be alarmed if your stools become very dark: this is the putrefaction being eliminated.

2. Headaches, Sore Throat, Body Aches, Allergic Symptoms, Runny Nose, Phlegm , Pimples or Skin Rashes, Flu-like Symptoms: These are regarded as classic symptoms of "detoxification "of the body. Rarely will these reactions cause much discomfort: often they last for only several hours and sometimes several days. Poisons have to come out of the body somewhere, and usually come out in the weakest areas. If one has had pneumonia or lung problems, often he will experience mucous and phlegm coughed up from the lungs. Sinus problems often result in headaches as the toxins are being eliminated through the digestive system. DRINK AT LEAST 8 GLASSES OF NON-CHLORINATED WATER DAILY. This will help flush the toxins out of the system.

3. Yeast and Fungus Problems: The Defense Products are extremely aggressive against yeast and other funguses. If you have this problem, start out taking a small amount (1/2 caplet even) and gradually increase to 6 to 12 per day. Many people experience a yeast elimination almost immediately... This is very good news, for nothing can permanently eliminate these problems like your HSO-assisted immune system! But because this elimination can be very quick or heavy, proceed conservatively.

4. Discomfort . IF AT ANY TIME YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE ENOUGH TO CURTAIL YOUR ACTIVITIES, CUT DOWN YOUR DOSAGE. If you are taking 6, cut back down to 3. DO NOT STOP TAKING THE PRODUCT! It is important to keep the colonization process going, just slow it down a little so the toxin elimination is not so fast. Keep in mind the other end of this process is a strong, functioning immune system to bring you to your own optimum level of health. One cannot live a healthy life with pathogens in the body. If they are in your body today, they'll cause some illness tomorrow! If you are ill today, the only way to get through it is to eliminate the cause of the disease, not to cover it over with drugs or mask it with painkillers.

A Note About Medication. Because absorption is increased so dramatically, all medications must be monitored. Many people will need to decrease their insulin, blood pressure medication, etc. Please have yourself tested or consult your doctor if you are on medication.

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