~ October 2008 - Eradicating Medical Ignorance

October 2008 - Eradicating Medical Ignorance

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  • Suzanne Somers' Plan to Eradicate Medical Ignorance

    By William Faloon

    The leading cause of disease, premature aging, and death is lack of knowledge about effective technologies that already exist!

    Forward-thinking physicians are making tremendous strides in identifying scientific methods for keeping aging humans healthy. The problem is that this information remains confined within these doctors' private practices and is not yet part of the mainstream.

    By virtue of her books, TV appearances, and personal lectures, actress Suzanne Somers has enlightened more people about the benefits of natural hormones than anyone else in history.

    Through her in-depth discussions with the world's most avant-garde doctors, Suzanne has uncovered an abundance of other innovations that could spare millions of Americans from the agonies of age-related disease.

    Suzanne has spent the past five years interviewing doctors who "think outside the box" in order to develop practical solutions for their patients. This wealth of scientific information has been compiled into her brand new book titled BREAKTHROUGH.

    You may wonder why actress Suzanne Somers is in such a unique position to accurately identify effective medical therapies that conventional doctors overlook.

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  • Natural Methods for Reversing Atherosclerosis

    By Joanne Nicholas

    Even when cardiologists aggressively manage their patients' cholesterol and blood pressure levels, millions of Americans continue to suffer heart attacks and strokes. The reason is that many cardiologists fail to address the key underlying cause of coronary artery disease—that of endothelial dysfunction.

    Endothelial dysfunction is the major cause of atherosclerosis—the blockage of arteries that increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and congestive heart failure. Fortunately, it is never too late to start counteracting this circulatory breakdown, which is often a part of the aging process.

    A wealth of research now points to several nutritional agents suchas cocoa polyphenols, pomegranate, and bioavailable superoxide dismutase (SOD) that have been shown to dramatically improve arterial blood flow, helping promote youthful endothelial function and protect against the processes known to damage aging arteries.

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  • Unique form of Vitamin B6 Protects Against Complications Related To Diabetes and Aging

    by Laurie Barclay, MD, introduction by William Faloon Every second, a destructive process called glycation occurs throughout our bodies.

    Glycation occurs when sugars react with the body's proteins, resulting in the formation of non-functioning glycation end products. While glycation is a normal consequence of aging, it is far from desirable.

    Cataracts that blur vision in the eye lens are an example of glycation reactions. More ominous, glycation is associated with the development of atherosclerosis and kidney failure. Glycation end products have been isolated from Alzheimer's lesions in the brain.

    Collagen accounts for about a third of our total body proteins. Glycation causes the collagen in our skin and tissues throughout our bodies to cross-link, leading to unsightly characteristics of aging.

    When meat is cooked, rapid glycation (or "browning") reactions occur as proteins combine with the sugars present. This same glycation process also happens at a slower rate to our living proteins!

    The alarming phenomenon of our aging body slowly being cooked to death has motivated scientists to develop ways to block pathological glycation reactions.

    Life Extension members gained access to the first validated anti-glycation nutrient when high-dose carnosine became available. Additional protection against glycation was shown in response to benfotiamine, a fat-soluble form of vitamin B1.

    For over a decade, however, governmental regulatory issues blocked access to one of the most important anti-glycation agents...a unique form of vitamin B6 called pyridoxamine.

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  • New Scientific Options for Preventing Breast Cancer

    By Laurie Barclay, MD

    One of the most frightening events that a woman will ever face is being diagnosed with breast cancer. While many women diligently seek health screenings to catch this insidious disease in its early stages, few of us realize the cancer-preventive potential of nutrients such as vitamin D and pomegranate.

    These scientifically documented agents provide powerful protection against breast cancer through a number of fascinating mechanisms. By favorably affecting gene expression, pomegranate, green tea, curcumin, and vitamin D can restore healthy cell division patterns,1-4 while soy extracts can help guard against estrogen's hyper-proliferating effects.5

    One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with this life-threatening disease during her lifetime.6 Even with all the advances in pharmaceutical technology, mortality rates for breast cancer have remained stagnant for the past few decades. As the scientific evidence for natural cancer-protective compounds continues to mount, many of today's leading scientists believe that a multi-pronged nutritional strategy holds the key in helping to win the war against breast cancer.

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  • Alexander Imich At 105, Reveals His Longevity Secrets

    By Donna Caruso

    You would think that by the age of 105, Dr. Alexander Imich, a renowned parapsychologist, would be tired of people asking him about his "secrets of longevity." But this thin, vibrant former scientist who still lives alone, continues to do research and writing, keeps up with friends through email and socializing, and walks briskly and unassisted through New York City streets, seems eager to share what he's learned over his unusually long lifetime.

    Since early childhood, Dr. Imich has followed many practices now known to prolong human life: exercise, caloric restriction, healthy diet, supplementation, meditation, and pursuing multiple interests. Today, he looks and behaves like a much younger man, making it easy to believe he will continue to lead an active life for many years to come.

    In an exclusive interview with Life Extension magazine, Dr. Imich reveals details about his life and how he has faithfully developed and continued the practices that have led to his remarkable longevity.

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  • Featured Product: Pyridoxamine Caps (Vitamin B6 - 50mg) - Lowers Blood Sugar - Vitamin B6 found in conventional supplements plays a crucial role in numerous life processes. The pyridoxamine form of vitamin B6, however, has been validated to protect the body’s living proteins via multiple independent mechanisms.

    There are three different forms of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine, pyridoxal, pyridoxamine). All are important and can be converted in the body to the active form of B6 called PLP or P5P which the body uses in many pathways. The pyridoxamine form is considered to be the most potent antiaging form because of its ability to enhance glucose metabolism, quench toxic free radicals1, and help block formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs).

    Sugar (glucose) in the blood can bind to proteins, particularly when blood levels are high. This binding causes the formation of AGEs, which accumulate with time and contribute to some of the signs of aging.

    Scientific research suggests that if you want to help protect your body against some of the effects of aging, nutrients that help prevent the formation of AGEs may be beneficial. Life Extension has previously presented information that high-dose carnosine and benfotiamine can also be helpful in preventing AGE formation. The latest information shows that pyridoxamine may also be of significant help in preventing the formation of these aging molecules.

    In fact, one prominent antiaging doctor described pyridoxamine as "the most potent natural substance for inhibiting AGE formation." By preventing AGE formation and working as a coenzyme in chemical reactions, pyridoxamine can support healthy nerve, eye, cardiovascular and kidney function.
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