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  • Natural Approaches to Blood Sugar Control and Weight Loss - As people age, they often accumulate excess body fat. There are several common culprits that cause aging people to add body fat and to also prevent them from losing it. These missing links are often overlooked, and the result is that most weight loss programs fail. However, the scientific literature provides data indicating that sustained weight management is attainable.

    Why Aging People Gain Weight. Poor diet, obesity, and aging result in excessive secretion of insulin, a factor in the development of type II diabetes. Suppressing the overproduction of insulin is a crucial component of a medically supervised weight-loss program.

    Insulin Causes Hunger. A noticeable effect of surplus serum insulin is constant hunger, which results in a vicious cycle in which overeating causes more and more body fat to accumulate, which in turn causes even greater amounts of unwanted insulin to be secreted from the pancreas. That is why supplements that help regulate blood sugar are also helpful in achieving weight loss. Here are some examples:

    WellBetX "PGX" Fiber Blend - featured in this newsletter and discussed in the following article. Small amounts of PGX fiber blend inhibit acute spikes in blood glucose and insulin, thus also reducing subsequent hunger caused by insulin over-production. By taking just three grams of this soluble fiber blend before meals, the amount of glucose absorbed can be reduced by as much as 23% and the ensuing insulin surge cut by 40%.

    Chromium - In the body, chromium combines with niacin to facilitate insulin's role in glucose metabolism. Chromium helps reduce the amount of insulin needed to maintain blood sugar, and this may be the mechanism by which it helps to induce fat loss.

    Cinnamon Extract - One of the oldest remedies used in traditional Chinese herbalism for digestive support, recent studies have shown cinnamon (Cinnamomum aromaticum) may support healthy blood sugar levels, when used as part of your diet, by activating insulin and glucose transport and improving glucose metabolism. A new study links cinnamon to better blood-sugar balance, especially for those with pre-diabetes and diabetes. While experts can't fully explain the effect, they say consuming 1 to 3 grams of cinnamon a day can improve blood glucose, triglyceride, low-density lipoprotein, and total cholesterol levels.

    Nopal Cactus - Nutritionally supports pancreatic, insulin and blood sugar functions; healthy cholesterol; enhanced bowel function/removal of bowel toxicity; immune system function; and the timed-release of nutrients. It is also high in bulk forming mucilaginous fiber that assists most foods, herbs and supplements taken with it to be gently and naturally time-released into the blood stream. This includes the timed-release of sugars into the blood stream to support healthy blood sugar and insulin functions.

    CLA - CLA is able to decrease fat storage and maintain lean muscle tissue. Most diets fail because when fewer calories are consumed, the metabolic rate slows down, restricting the amount of weight one can lose. In contrast, CLA reduces body fat by increasing basal metabolic rates, enabling dieters to eat more food and still lose weight and increase muscle mass.

    LipoSan Ultra - "The Fast Acting Fat Grabber" - A new patented form of chitosan, the absorbent fibrous weight loss aid that binds dietary lipids in the stomach, rendering them indigestible. LipoSan is superior to other forms of chitosan because it becomes soluble and begins absorbing dietary fat instantaneously. LipoSan is helping me lose weight because I can simply take it when I eat. This ensures that it will be in the stomach at full concentration, activated for the entire meal, maximizing its exposure to fat.

    Do you have trouble with Hypoglycemia? - Here are three supplements that can help.

    Glutamine (Capsules or Powder) - Helps prevent hypoglycemia, because it is easily converted to glucose when blood sugar is low. Glutamine can enter the Krebs cycle and serve as a noncarbohydrate source of energy for the body. In fact, this is the main way it usually contributes to the production of energy. However, if the blood sugar is low, glutamine is readily catabolized (broken down) in the liver and used to create more glucose.

    Gymnema Sylvestre - Staves off sugar cravings for dieters and diabetics and help lower glucose levels. Gymnema is a woody climbing plant that grows in the tropical forests of central and southern India. The leaves, used in herbal medicine, when chewed, interferes with the ability to taste sweetness. In Hindi its name is Gurmar which means, "destroyer of sugar". It helps reduce the absorption and intake of carbohydrates and sugar.

    Sugar Ban - Gymnema Sylvestre Extract - Another form of gymnema that helps reduce sugar cravings.

    To learn about the many other supplements that help with weight loss, blood sugar control and diabetes, please refer to the following:

    Blood Sugar/Diabetes Section

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    Obesity and Weight Loss Protocol

  • Novel Fiber Limits Sugar Absorption - Type I (insulin-dependent) diabetes was at one time universally fatal. In 1922, a young boy received the first form of supplemental insulin and experienced a reduction of blood sugar. Insulin was soon viewed as a wonder drug because it saved the lives of those who were previously doomed to death shortly after diagnosis with insulin-dependent diabetes.

    In today's gluttonous world, overproduction of insulin has become a major health problem. Even in people who eat a healthy diet, the aging process often causes insulin resistance that results in higher-than-desired insulin levels. An overwhelming number of scientific studies shows that hyperinsulinemia is an underlying culprit for many of today's killer diseases and infirmities.

    While pharmaceutical companies are investigating insulin-suppressing drugs, the good news is that fiber supplements have been shown to enhance blood sugar control, decrease after-meal insulin levels, and reduce the number of calories absorbed by the body.

    The best fiber sources for reducing after-meal blood sugar-insulin levels, lowering cholesterol levels, and promoting weight loss are those that are rich in water-soluble fibers such as glucomannan, psyllium, guar gum, and pectin.

    When taken with water before meals, these fiber sources bind to the water in the stomach and small intestine to form a gelatinous, viscous mass that not only slows down the absorption of glucose, but also induces a sense of satiety (fullness) and reduces the absorption of calories.

    With the introduction of a new highly viscous fiber blend trademarked under the name PGX, it may now be possible to achieve the multiple documented benefits of fiber by swallowing only a few capsules before each meal. The longevity potential associated with reducing after-meal glucose and insulin blood levels, lowering total cholesterol and LDL, and losing some weight is enormous.

    Read more about how fiber can help you lose weight . . .

  • Featured Product - WellBetX "PXG" Fiber Blend - Overweight people are trying to curb their intake of high-glycemic carbohydrates, yet despite ever-greater consumption of "low carb" foods, the obesity epidemic worsens every year.

    One problem is that many foods induce excess insulin production, thus making it virtually impossible to avoid meals that promote fat gain.

    High-glycemic index foods cause weight gain by inducing the overproduction of insulin. A new fiber blend called PGX inhibits the absorption of dietary sugars into the bloodstream, thereby reducing the release of insulin by as much as 40%!1 The virtue of this highly viscous soluble fiber blend is that only small amounts are required to inhibit acute spikes in blood glucose and insulin. This new fiber also has been shown to lower total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

    The Carbohydrate Barrier. People trying to lose weight feel guilty when consuming such basic foods as bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. A sugar-laden dessert is a disaster for those seeking to achieve meaningful fat loss.

    By taking just three grams of this new soluble fiber blend before ingesting these high-glycemic foods, the amount of glucose absorbed can be reduced by as much as 23% and the ensuing insulin surge cut by 40%.

    This novel fiber blend may not only facilitate the weight-loss effects of diet and exercise, but also help protect against a host of degenerative disorders in which excess insulin is a significant culprit.

    Low-cost Protection Against Excess Calories. The patent-pending PGX formula is the result of hundreds of tests designed to create a highly viscous fiber that "soaks up" some carbohydrates in the gastrointestinal tract before they are assimilated into the bloodstream.

    In addition to absorbing dietary sugars, this fiber blend binds cholesterol in the small intestine, thus preventing its reabsorption into the bloodstream. PGX capsules also contain a special extract of mulberry leaves. Mulberry extract diminishes after-meal rises in both glucose and insulin levels.

    Effects of PGX:
    • Reduces after-meal blood glucose levels
    • Reduces appetite and promotes weight loss
    • Increases insulin sensitivity
    • Improves diabetes control
    • Lowers blood cholesterol
    • Lowers blood pressure

  • Protocol: Obesity and Weight Loss - As people age, they often accumulate excess body fat. Weight gain not only creates cosmetic problems, but it also contributes to disorders such as Type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cartilage breakdown, sexual dysfunction, and even cancer. Typical approaches to conventional weight loss have a high failure rate. However, the scientific literature provides data indicating that sustained weight management is attainable.

    Many physicians fail to realize that no single fat reduction protocol will work for everyone. That is why overweight people must follow a custom-tailored program to modulate factors in their body that result in excess fat build-up. There are several common culprits that cause aging people to add body fat and to also prevent them from losing it. These missing links are often overlooked, and the result is that most weight loss programs fail.

    In this protocol, the mechanisms involved in age-associated weight gain are discussed, and how an individual can circumvent these metabolic imbalances will be described as well. Most important, overlooked factors that preclude successful weight loss in the majority of people who try to "diet" are revealed.

    (Click here to read the full version of the protocol)

    Definition: Obesity is defined as an excess accumulation of body fat associated with increased fat cell size and number. The term overweight denotes excessive body weight relative to height.

    In the year 2002, the Surgeon General estimated that 65.4% of Americans were clinically overweight (having a BMI of 25 or greater) of which 30.5% are considered obese. The statistics on obesity in the United States are alarming. To make matters worse, the prevalence of obesity has been steadily increasing over the past decades.

    Perhaps even more disturbing is that this increase often occurs simultaneously with a decrease in average fat intake and total calories, along with a dramatic rise in the consumption of low-fat products.

    Read the protocol to learn why this happens . . .

    3 Steps to Implementing a Natural Weight Loss Program

    The full protocol provides a comprehensive approach to inducing fat-loss and achieving sustained weight control. Please read the full protocol for a complete understanding of all the current data affecting weight loss.

    The following is a summary of what should be done to implement a scientific-based weight loss program:

    Step 1. Take the following dietary supplements to facilitate immediate weight loss.

    Step 2. Obtain the following blood tests from your physician:

    • Complete blood chemistry (includes serum glucose)
    • Fasting insulin
    • Free testosterone
    • Estradiol
    • Thyroid panel (T3, T4, TSH)
    • DHEA
    • PSA (for men)
    • Fasting insulin

    (Be certain to not eat anything for 12 hours prior to having blood drawn.)

    Step 3. Once the test results are received, initiate hormone modulation therapy as follows:

    If there is any indication of thyroid deficiency, take an appropriate thyroid replacement medication (usually Cytomel). The starting dose of Cytomel is normally 12.5 mcg twice per day. To guard against thyroid deficiency, have your blood tested or use the morning basal temperature test to be certain that you do not need a thyroid replacement drug.

    If DHEA levels are low (they almost always are in people over age 35), then take the appropriate amount of DHEA (15-50 mg/day) to restore them to a youthful range. (Refer to DHEA Replacement Therapy protocol for precautions.)

    For men, if free testosterone is in the low normal range or below normal, ask your physician to prescribe a transdermal cream to provide 5 mg per day of natural testosterone. If estradiol levels are high (over 30), use 0.5 mg of the drug Arimidex twice a week to block the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen. Before using testosterone, men should verify that they do not have prostate cancer by having a blood test for PSA and undergoing a digital rectal exam.

    Once on this program, you will find it easy to make healthy food choices such as including more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, avoiding high sugar snacks, and reducing total calorie intake.

    Based on our research, this threestep program is the only practical approach for the normal aging human to be rid of excess body fat over a continuous period. If you are seriously concerned about protecting yourself against multiple degenerative diseases and improving your appearance, we urge you to make the effort to have your blood tested, modulate your hormone profile accordingly, and take the supplements that can help you regain your youthful appearance.

    Precautions for Natural Weight Loss

    Even when taking natural weight loss supplements, there are still some precautions that should be followed to guard against adverse side effects. For instance, if an individual has uncontrolled hypertension, CLA with guarana should not be taken. Instead, use the CLA product without guarana. Even though guarana tends to release slowly in the body, individuals who are hypersensitive to caffeine may want to use the CLA alone product.

    Reduced thyroid hormone output is a common response when less food is consumed. This response is nature's way of conserving body mass in response to what it perceives as a famine. Check thyroid hormone status and ask your physician for Cytomel or Armour drug therapy if body temperature or blood tests indicate thyroid deficit.

    Chromium can induce the production of free radicals. Therefore, when taking a chromium supplement, be certain to simultaneously consume an antioxidant supplement.

    Obesity and weight loss remain controversial subjects. Scientists have identified underlying causes for age-associated weight gain. Yet the majority of overweight people and their physicians ignore these findings. The result is that most diet and exercise regimens fail.

    The fact that conventional weight-loss methods do not work is confirmed by more Americans being obese and overweight than ever before. Yet never have so many people tried to reduce body fat.

    While the long-term objective of any diet modification program is to maintain healthy body mass index (BMI below 25) with a reduced calorie intake, it is more important initially for obese individuals to shift the time of day when they consume the most calories.

    The full protocol is filled with important and useful information to aid you in understanding the factors that cause weight gain and how to SAFELY lose weight.

    Please read the full protocol . . .

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