~ August 2004 - Counteracting the Symptoms of Male and Female Menopause

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  • Counteracting the Symptoms of Male and Female Menopause - Menopausal symptoms are related to a decline in the production of certain hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and DHEA, and this hormone reduction varies from individual to individual. Hormonal imbalance results in the menopausal miseries experienced by so many women -- and men! -- as they age past 45. Restoration of the proper balance of hormones can relieve the menopausal symptoms. Restoring a youthful hormone balance also helps protect against osteoporosis, mental depression, thinning skin, immune dysfunction, and a host of other age-related diseases and discomforts.

    DHEA - For older men, standard DHEA ranges are very low. It is important for men without prostate cancer to restore them to the youthful range (400-560 mcg/dL). A compelling study of 1100 men showed that those with serum dehydroepiandrosterone-sulfate (DHEA-S) in the lowest quarter < 1.6 mcg/mL) were significantly more likely to incur symptoms of heart disease (295), and in a review of several studies, other authors have confirmed this association (296). Dehydroepiandro-sterone (DHEA) is produced by the adrenal gland and is a precursor hormone for the manufacture of testosterone. DHEA (and pregnenolone) can restore blood levels characteristic of youth, enhancing one's immunity to disease, mood, and sexual life. Women who take DHEA could eliminate the need for estrogen replacement therapy by naturally elevating estrogen in the body. CAUTION: Do not take if you have hormonally driven diseases, prostate cancer or fibroid cysts.

    Estrotone - This formula contains multiple phytoestrogens and phytonutrients that safely promote a woman's hormonal balance and vitality. It supports pre- and post- menopausal hormonal balance, inhibits 5-lipoxygenase and promotes normal bone growth, is traditionally used for sustaining warmth and normal fluids for healthy sexual functioning, and contains organic herbal anti-aging constituents that inactivate free radicals.

    Natural Estrogen - Natural Estrogen is one answer to concerns about the risks of estrogen replacement. All of the ingredients in Natural Estrogen have been standardized for the highest biological activity. The herbs and isoflavones are effective in improving menopausal symptoms. Although women can go "cold turkey" from estrogen drugs to Natural Estrogen without adverse side effects, it is recommended that women who have been taking estrogen drugs gradually wean themselves off these drugs.

    Natural Prostate Formula - The herbal extracts contained in Natural Prostate Formula have been shown to improve prostate function dramatically in aging men in European studies. The extracts in this exclusive formula are the same pharmaceutical-grade, standardized extracts used in these studies. (Saw Palmetto extract, Pygeum extract, Urtica Dioica extract, Lycopene, and Rosemary extract)

    Pregnenolone - Pregnenolone converts to DHEA (it does what DHEA does, but is safer), PROGESTERONE in women and TESTOSTERONE in men without inhibiting one's own production of the hormone. Pregnenolone is one of the most effective mood and memory enhancers, and can make one feel like one's "own self" again.

    Pro Fem Cream - Pro Fem, which contains USP natural progesterone from soy, is used by primarily by women to prevent osteoporosis, premenstrual syndrome, some cancers and some of the side effects of estrogen replacement therapy. Recently, progesterone has been shown to be beneficial for men as well as women. Progesterone has been shown to both oppose the actions of estrogen and may inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT. In aging men, the increasing estrogen/testosterone ratio and the insignificant levels of progesterone are now thought to be the dominant factors promoting prostate enlargement. Progesterone replacement by men over 55 could help prevent these conditions which are endemic to the aged male. Topically applied natural progesterone can remove fine lines and provide underlying firmness to aging skin. Both men and women should consider applying Pro Fem to the face several times a week for additional antiaging benefits.

    Super Miraforte with Maximum Strength Chrysin - As you grow older, your sex life can suffer because the testosterone that makes you feel sexy tends to bind to globulins in your blood instead of stimulating the sex centers in your brain. Pharmaceutical companies are working on drugs to free up testosterone and improve genital blood flow in aging persons in order to restore youthful sex drive and strength. There are, however, plant extracts that have been shown in clinical studies to improve sexual desire, performance and gratification. These extracts also have been shown to be free of the side effects. Life Extension offers a standardized muira puama extract combined with a potent nettle root extract, zinc, Peruvian ginseng (maca) and chrysin in a preparation called Super MiraForte. This product is for use by men only.

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  • Improve Your Sex Life and Protect Against Heart Attack

    Did you know that testosterone deficiency predisposes men to heart disease, depression and a host of other ailments associated with normal aging?

    The problem is that most doctors are ignorant of the fact that cells throughout the body require testosterone to properly function. Insufficient testosterone causes males to lose strength, virility, cognitive function and their youthful health. The long-term consequence of testosterone deficiency is possible death from a wide range of diseases.

    Testosterone remains a misunderstood hormone to all but the most dedicated health enthusiasts. The general public is afraid of testosterone because some young athletes have abused it. Others think it causes prostate cancer. Scientific studies, on the other hand, clearly show that lack of testosterone is an underlying culprit behind many age-related disorders.

    Aging men suffer from a variety of ailments that directly relate to low levels of bioavailable testosterone. Mainstream doctors don't even consider a man's testosterone status when treating disease. Yet as you have just learned, insufficient testosterone can cause or contribute to the most common disorders and discomforts that aging men face.

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  • Featured Product - Super MiraForte with Chrysin - Super Miraforte with Maximum Strength Chrysin - As you grow older, the testosterone responsible for libido tends to bind to globulins in the blood instead of stimulating cell receptor sites throughout the body. Natural plant extracts have been shown to enhance sexual desire, performance, and gratification.

    These extracts also have been shown to be free of side effects. Life Extension offers a standardized muira puama extract combined with a potent nettle root extract, zinc, Peruvian ginseng (maca), and chrysin in a preparation called Super MiraForte. This product is for use by men only.

  • Low DHEA Sulfate, Not Testosterone, Associated with Low Libido in Women Under 45 - Research presented at the 86th annual meeting of the Endocrine Society this week has revealed that low levels of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) sulfate may be the culprit in women under the age of 45 who experience low libido. DHEA is a hormone made by the adrenal glands of both genders that dramatically declines with age. Low levels of DHEA have been linked with cognitive decline, depression and other diseases.

    It had previously been accepted that low levels of the hormone testosterone were responsible for low libido in men and women of all ages. This study, however, did not find an association between low testosterone and low libido in women under 45.

    Researchers at the Jean Hailes Foundation, Australia's leading women's health organization, examined hormone levels from 1,423 women ages 18 to 75. Director of Research at The Foundation, Professor Susan Davis, reported: "We undertook this study to determine whether women with low libido also had low levels of androgens. We found a strong relationship between the low scores for desire, arousal and responsiveness and low DHEAS levels in women under 45. Although multiple factors contribute to sexual interest we have demonstrated that low DHEAS is more likely in a woman experiencing low sexual desire and arousal than in other women. The findings from this study are absolutely fundamental to developing a sound clinical approach to the assessment of women presenting with low libido.

    The discovery is important because women reporting low libido who have normal testosterone levels may not have their DHEA sulfate levels tested, and fail to reap the benefits of treatment with DHEA.

  • Protocol: DHEA Replacement Therapy - Youthful hormone balance is critical to maintaining health and preventing disease in men and women over the age of 40. One hormone that is deficient in almost everyone over 35 is DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), normally the most abundant steroid in the human body.

    A wealth of data indicates that DHEA is a vitally important hormone. DHEA appears to protect every part of the body against the ravages of aging. In fact, published studies link low levels of DHEA to aging and diseased states. Specifically, a deficiency of DHEA has been found to correlate with:

    • Chronic inflammation
    • Immune dysfunction
    • Depression
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Type-II diabetic complications
    • Greater risk for certain cancers
    • Excess body fat
    • Cognitive decline
    • Heart disease in men
    • Osteoporosis

    The importance of DHEA, a precursor of estrogen and testosterone, in psychological and sexual health has been underlined in a number of studies. For example, a German study found that DHEA-deficient women supplementing with 50 mg of DHEA daily for four months had decreased symptoms of depression and anxiety and improved libido (Arlt et al. 1999).

    A study by an Italian team of investigators suggests that DHEA may be an effective option for preserving health in postmenopausal women. The study concluded that oral administration of 50 mg of DHEA daily for six months mimics the benefits of traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT), namely, estrogen-progestin in terms of its effects on the GHRH-GH-IGF-1 (growth hormone-releasing) axis (Genazzani et al. 2001). The axis oversees the control of several endocrine functions, including the stimulation of osteoblasts (bone cells) to stimulate skeletal growth in children and maintain bone integrity in adults. During menopause, however, the drop in estrogenic activity reduces the secretion of the hormones of this axis and slowly the bone reduces the amount of calcium and osteoporosis begins.

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