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  • Protection Against Arterial Calcification, Bone Loss, Cancer, and Aging

    By William Faloon

    Predicting which nutrients will emerge as life-saving superstars can be challenging. For example, a vitamin introduced just a decade ago is demonstrating profound anti-aging effects that extend far beyond its original indications.

    Based on an abundance of positive findings, scientists have developed a more cost-effective form of this nutrient that enables it to stay in the body much longer than before. The incredible news is that maintaining constant levels of this nutrient not only protects against atherosclerosis, but may reverse arterial calcification as well.

    A wealth of studies published in 2008 reveals this same nutrient possesses anticancer properties while suppressing factors involved in common age-related diseases. A hallmark of normal aging involves calcification in soft tissues throughout the body such as heart valves, glands, and blood vessels.

    One might erroneously think that dietary calcium is a culprit behind pathological calcification processes. The opposite is true. When rabbits are fed calcium-deficient diets, calcification rates rise by 2.7-fold. Calcium-supplemented diets, on the other hand, reduce calcification by 62%.

    The reason for this contradiction is that in response to a deficit of calcium in the blood, the body excessively robs our bones and saturates soft tissues with calcium.

    As we age, we lose our ability to regulate calcium balance and then suffer the lethal consequences of systemic calcification. It is encouraging to know that a low-cost nutrient (vitamin K) can quickly restore calcium homeostasis.

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  • Novel Method Combats Chronic Inflammation

    By Julius G. Goepp, MD

    For the past 16 years, green tea polyphenols have grabbed the headlines, but a related family of black tea compounds called theaflavins is capturing the attention of longevity researchers.

    Theaflavins possess a unique ability to favorably influence human health by regulating genes that produce inflammatory cytokines and other toxic factors implicated in degenerative disease and aging. By modulating inflammation at its earliest stages, theaflavins represent a new tool in the fight against inflammation-related pathologies such as cancer, heart disease, senility, and arthritis.

    Tea Extracts and Theaflavins

    The past decade has seen a veritable explosion of data on the active components of tea. The flavonoid epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) found in green tea is widely known for its disease-preventing capabilities, and now its sister molecules, the theaflavins, are beginning to share the spotlight. What has researchers particularly excited is how theaflavins exert their health-promoting benefits by favorably altering our genes. This phenomenon, known as "nutrigenomics," will be fully explained in this article.

    Theaflavin Inhibits Inflammation

    Much of the misery of age-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic pain, and even cancer can be laid at the feet of inflammatory processes that presumably originally evolved for the preservation of our health. A lifetime of exposure to oxidation and inflammatory stimuli leaves us awash in molecules known as cytokines and chemokines, which are used by immune system cells to signal each other and react to potential threats.

    Long-term effects of these cytokines include increased tissue oxidation and further inflammation, which perpetuates the cycle and increases our risk for a myriad of chronic conditions. These inflammatory signaling molecules, of course, are the protein products of specific genes, and their production is regulated by transcription factors, as is all genetic activity in the body. Many nutrients help prevent or mitigate chronic disease either "upstream" in the process by preventing oxidation or "downstream" by inhibiting the effects of cytokines once produced. The remarkable ability of theaflavins to target specific gene transcription factors may allow for exquisite control of inflammation exactly when and where it starts—-when inflammation-producing genes are "switched on" to start manufacturing cytokines.

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  • Relieve Your Tired Eyes While Guarding Against Common Eye Diseases

    By Laurie Barclay, MD

    Today, nearly everyone uses a computer either for work or leisure. Not surprisingly, the resulting eye fatigue from computer use affects all ages. Experts agree that proper care and prevention are crucial to avoid the potential complications of eye fatigue, such as eye weakness, eye irritation, and poor ability to focus on objects at different distances.

    According to several studies, a natural supplement known as astaxanthin may play an important part in proper eye care and prevention. Not only does astaxanthin help prevent eye fatigue and improve visual acuity—studies suggest that its potent properties may also hold important applications in promoting cardiovascular health, enhancing athletic endurance, and beautifying the skin.

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  • Optimizing Digestive Health (And Why Most Probiotics Fail to Work)

    By Lane Lenard, PHD

    Many of the health complaints that plague aging adults—from impaired immunity to digestive distress and nutritional deficiencies—can be traced to a key underlying factor: poor digestive health.

    One common cause of impaired digestive health is an age-related decline in the digestive enzymes needed to extract essential nutrients from the foods we eat. Without these crucial enzymes, food passes through the gastrointestinal tract without yielding its beneficial constituents. The result is poor nutritional status, which can contribute to numerous disease processes.

    Digestive health can be further impaired by an imbalance between beneficial and pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which can contribute to symptoms of gas and bloating as well as poor utilization of nutrients.

    Fortunately, advanced enzyme supplements, along with specially encased probiotics, can help restore balance to the digestive system, allowing for the optimal utilization of precious nutrients. The benefits of a healthy gastrointestinal system include digestive comfort, improved immune health, and decreased inflammation.

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  • Featured Product: Folixor - Aids in red blood cell production and helps break down and utilize protein.

    Renowned physician and author, Sherry Rogers, MD, recommends our 1 mg folic acid supplement, Folixor, for prevention and health. Dr. Rogers recommends 1-10 mg/daily, 5 mg daily being optimal. She also suggests using Vitamin E in conjunction with folate supplementation.

    What does Folic Acid do?

    Folic Acid is B Vitamin and functions in a fashion similar to that of Vitamin B12. It aids in red blood cell production, and helps break-down and utilize protein. It is essential for DNA & RNA synthesis and thus important for healthy cell division and replication. For expectant mothers, it helps prevent neural tube defects. Folic Acid helps to protect us from heart disease because it helps to reduce concentration of artery clogging amino acid, homocysteine. It works synergistically with B12.

    Who should take Folixor?

    Folic Acid supplementation is essential for all women of child bearing age and individuals at risk for cardiovascular disease.

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