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  • Has Your CoQ10 Become Obsolete?

    Twenty four years ago, the Life Extension Foundation introduced coenzyme Q10 to the United States. Back then, it was sold in Japan as a prescription drug to treat heart disease. Life Extension, however, provided persuasive evidence that CoQ10 could help protect against a host of age-related disorders.

    Based on a large volume of favorable research, CoQ10 has become one of today�s most popular dietary supplements. In recent years, new delivery systems have been developed that transport more CoQ10 into the bloodstream than original versions.

    Providing greater quantities of CoQ10 to the body is of particular importance, since scientific studies show that higher CoQ10 blood levels produce superior benefits.

    In what may be the most significant breakthrough in the history of the dietary supplement industry, Japan�s largest CoQ10 producer has discovered a way to deliver the highest concentrations of the most biologically active form of coenzyme Q10 to the bloodstream.

    As you will read in this article, this improved form of CoQ10 not only absorbs up to eight times better, but also has demonstrated unprecedented anti-aging effects compared to placebo and compared to the coenzyme Q10 you are using now.

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  • Maintain Healthy Muscle Mass As You Age

    By Will Brink

    One of the greatest long-term threats to our ability to remain healthy and function independently with advancing age is a steady loss of lean muscle mass, a condition known as sarcopenia.

    While doctors have long warned about the loss of bone mass (osteoporosis) that accompanies aging, scant attention has been paid to the equally debilitating loss of muscle mass commonly seen in older people.

    Today, however, sarcopenia is increasingly recognized as a serious health problem that afflicts millions of aging adults and places an ever-greater strain on our health care system.1 Age-related loss of muscle mass and strength not only robs elderly people of the ability to perform even the most basic tasks of daily living, but also vastly heightens their risk of suffering devastating injuries and even death from sudden falls and other accidents. The good news is, all health-conscious adults can take immediate steps to implement a program that will greatly lessen their risk for sarcopenia.

    In this article, we will review the nature of sarcopenia, its causes, and ways to both prevent and manage this condition. Since sarcopenia has no single cause, its prevention and treatment require an integrated approach that incorporates dietary strategies, hormone replacement, nutritional supplementation, and exercise.

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  • Benfotiamine: European Supplement Protects Against Diabetic Complications

    By Dale Kiefer

    When treating diabetes, today�s doctors focus on establishing blood glucose control, but often overlook the need to protect against common diabetic complications such as blindness, stroke, endothelial dysfunction, and loss of limb.1

    Fortunately, benfotiamine, a little-known fat-soluble form of vitamin B1, has been shown to help prevent the development and progression of many diabetic complications. As a result, benfotiamine has become a critical nutrient for those seeking to ward off the potentially lethal impact of sustained high blood sugar levels.

    Used for decades in Europe as a prescription medication, benfotiamine ameliorates the progression of diabetic nerve, kidney, and retinal damage, and relieves the painful symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.2-8 Diabetic neuropathy makes it difficult for nerves to carry messages to the brain and also impairs the function of the microvasculature (tiny blood vessels) in the extremities. The result of this pathological blood-vessel damage is numbness and painful tingling in the feet (and hands) that can eventually result in amputation of the lower extremities.

    Benfotiamine acts through a novel mechanism, blocking the biochemical pathways by which high blood sugar damages cells throughout the body.8 Now available as a low-cost dietary supplement, benfotiamine can help diabetes sufferers protect their nerves, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels, and heart. Benfotiamine�s multifaceted effects in preventing dangerous diabetic complications make it an essential supplement for people with elevated blood sugar levels.

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  • Scientifically Advanced Skin Care: Innovative Nutrients to Revitalize Your Skin

    By Dave Tuttle

    Your face is one of your most precious assets. Sadly, as we age, most people will display a face ravaged by time, free-radical damage, and excessive sun exposure. While you may feel young and vibrant, your face can communicate a very different state of affairs.

    Each year, billions of dollars are spent on skin creams that make wild promises unsupported by scientific research. New skin care products trumpet �anti-aging, anti-wrinkle ingredients,� but in most cases, few if any of these ingredients have undergone rigorous testing and validation.

    However, in laboratories around the world, scientists are testing new ingredients that reinforce the skin�s underlying architecture, limit the destructive impact of photoaging, and even activate genes that encourage nourishment and repair of the skin�s vital matrix. By reducing oxidative stress, restoring moisture, repairing signs of photoaging, and promoting healthy supportive tissues, these topical agents can literally turn back the clock on skin aging.

    Daily use of topical creams that incorporate clinically proven ingredients�complemented by a program of regular exercise, restful sleep, nourishing diet, and supplementation with powerful natural antioxidants�can reverse unsightly skin aging and help restore healthy, vibrant, youthful-looking skin.

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  • Featured Product: Super BioActive CoQ10 Ubiquinol - When it comes to achieving optimal results from your CoQ10 supplement, how much you absorb is of critical importance. Since 1983, Life Extension has continuously sought out the purest, most bioavailable CoQ10 available. Now, Japan's largest CoQ10 producer has patented a form of CoQ10 that offers unprecedented bioavailability—capable of increasing human blood levels up to 8 times more efficiently than the higher-absorption CoQ10 products on the market today.

    In studies from Japan, this superior new form of CoQ10 has shown remarkable antiaging effects. In one study, it was 40 percent more effective than conventional CoQ10 in slowing markers of aging in middle-aged mice.1 In a study of aged rats, this new form of CoQ10 demonstrated anti-fatigue effects that were 2.5 times greater than conventional CoQ10 supplements.2

    The reason this new form of CoQ10 is so effective is that scientists have succeeded for the first time in producing a stabilized ubiquinol capsule form of CoQ10. While CoQ10 exists in both ubiquinol and ubiquinone forms, the ubiquinol form has been shown to be vastly more bioavailable than conventional ubiquinone CoQ10. In a study measuring absorption in humans supplementing with 150 mg and 300 mg , far lower doses of ubiquinol CoQ10 produced blood plasma levels of CoQ10 that were equivalent to those produced by much higher doses of ubiquinone.3 In fact, it would take up to 8 times more ubiquinone than ubiquinol to raise CoQ10 blood levels to the same level.3

    Each capsule of Super BioActive CoQ10 Ubiquinol provides 50 mg of this novel ubiquinol form of CoQ10. With its superior absorption and ability to remain bioavailable over much longer periods of time,1 most healthy people will need to take just one capsule twice daily to obtain significantly higher blood levels of CoQ10.
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