~Disease Prevention, Part 2 - Prevention Protocols

The Life Extension Foundation's Prevention Protocol

  1. Life Extension Mix
  2. Life Extension Booster
  3. Coenzyme Q10
  4. Hormone Balance
  5. Trimethylglycine
  6. Cognitex and Ginkgo
  7. For Men - Ultra Natural Prostate
  8. For Women - Bone Strength Formula
  9. Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer
  10. Orac-Energy Greens
  11. Vitamin K
  12. Aspirin
  13. Essential Fatty Acids

If you are healthy now and want to stay that way, the Life Extension Foundation has designed protocols that incorporate the best-documented disease-preventing nutrients and hormones.

The Foundation's Prevention protocols consist of the 12 most important supplements for the average person to take every day to reduce risk of contracting the degenerative diseases of aging.

Note: This Prevention protocol is for healthy people. Those seeking to treat an existing disease may refer to the many specific disease prevention protocols we have provided.

The following recommendations are listed in order of importance:

Recommendation 1 - Life Extension Mix (Multivitamin-Mineral- Herbal-Amino Acid Formula). Suggested dosage: Take 3 tablets with breakfast; 3 tablets with lunch; 3 tablets with dinner.

Most people take a multivitamin supplement to guard against nutrient deficiencies. The problem with most multivitamin formulas, however, is that they do not contain adequate potencies to protect against disease. Life Extension Mix, on the other hand, provides pharmaceutical potencies of C, E, and the B-complex vitamins. More importantly, Life Extension Mix contains unique vegetable, fruit, and herbal extracts along with high-potency amino acids, minerals, and special antioxidants.

The primary reason that people take dietary supplements is to obtain concentrated doses of beneficial nutrients that are found in fruits and vegetables. Consuming lots of fruits and vegetables dramatically lowers the risk of degenerative disease. This fact has been documented in epidemiological studies showing that people are healthier, if they incorporate more of the right kinds of plants into their diet.

In addition to the epidemiological data, researchers have evaluated the molecular effects that fruits and vegetables possess in protecting against cellular damage. These findings provide biologic mechanisms to explain why those who eat a plant-rich diet have such low incidences of chronic disease.

The problem is that few people consistently eat enough fruits and vegetables to protect against aging-related diseases, such as stroke, cancer, macular degeneration, and heart attack. This is one reason why vitamin supplements are becoming so popular in the United States. The concern about multivitamin formulas, however, is that they do not provide all the vital plant components needed to maintain good health.

In 1985, the Life Extension Foundation introduced the first multinutrient formula that included disease-preventing extracts from plants. Over the last 18 years, an enormous amount of research data has confirmed the health benefits of these types of plant extracts.

The Life Extension Mix formula is fortified with botanical extracts that protect against cancer and other diseases via physiological processes that are different from those affected by traditional nutrients. D-glucarate, for example, is an extract found in grapefruit, apples, oranges, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts (Walaszek et al. 1996). D-glucarate supports an essential detoxification process that helps to remove toxins and carcinogens from the body (Dwivedi et al. 1990; Oredipe et al. 1992). Life Extension Mix provides 200 mg of D-glucarate for its potential cancer-preventing effect.

Ellagic acid is a potent detoxifying agent found in raspberries, strawberries, and other fruits (Loarca-Pina et al. 1998). Ellagic acid has demonstrated several cancer-preventing properties, including the ability to bind to carcinogens and neutralize them (Teel 1986; Barch et al. 1996; Loarca-Pina et al. 1998). Laboratory studies show that ellagic acid may protect against chromosome damage, promote wound healing, and reduce the effects of chemically induced liver fibrosis (Tixier et al. 1984; Thresiamma et al. 1996). Epidemiological reports show that people who consume fruits that are high in ellagic acid have lower rates of cancer and heart disease. Raspberry extract (130 mg) is included in Life Extension Mix to provide 38.5% of ellagic acid.

Apigenin and luteolin are flavonoids found in foods such as parsley, artichoke, basil, and celery. Both compounds have shown the ability to protect cells against cancer and also to inhibit DNA oxidative damage (Boege et al. 1996; Takahashi et al. 1998; Kawaii et al. 1999; Yin et al. 1999). In a study on antioxidant potency, apigenin proved more effective than vitamin C in reducing oxidative damage to DNA (Noroozi et al. 1998). When measured against 27 citrus flavonoids, luteolin had the most antiproliferative activities against tumors. The labiatae extract (300 mg) in Life Extension Mix provides 10-18 mg of apigenin and 1.5-4 mg of luteolin. Life Extension Mix also contains a sulphoraphane-rich broccoli extract, along with super-high-potency bioflavonoids to help protect against a wide range of diseases.

Life Extension Mix supplies the most powerful antioxidants, including N-acetyl-cysteine, taurine, lutein, and lycopene, to help protect against free-radical damage inside and outside our cells. Research data have demonstrated that cancer risk is decreased by plant extracts, such as lutein and lycopene (Yuan et al. 2001).The daily dose of Life Extension Mix supplies two of the most bioavailable forms of chromium to help control glucose metabolism that is often impaired during normal aging.

Life Extension Mix makes it easy to consume the proper amounts of nutrients that cannot be obtained through diet alone. Life Extension Mix saves time and money by combining the most popular supplements into one product, eliminating the need to buy and keep track of separate bottles of B-complex, vitamins C and E, and mineral supplements that are required to achieve the same effects. Life Extension Mix is the cornerstone of a comprehensive supplement program because it provides so many disease-preventing nutrients. If you are on a budget, Life Extension Mix will provide you with more nutrients for each dollar spent than any other product on earth.

The Life Extension Foundation mandates that the ingredients in Life Extension Mix (and its other products) come only from pharmaceutical-grade suppliers, such as Roche and Nutrition 21. These premium companies charge more for their vitamins and trace elements, but the purity of these nutrients greatly exceeds that of the lower cost generic versions that are so prevalent in the vitamin industry.

Recommendation 2 - Life Extension Booster. Suggested dosage: Take 1 softgel a day.

The disease-preventing effects of some nutrients are so well-documented that many people want to take even higher amounts than that provided by Life Extension Mix. Life Extension Booster contains these and other important nutrients that cannot fit into Life Extension Mix.

For example, those who take the alpha tocopherol form of vitamin E should also take gamma tocopherol to protect against free radicals more effectively. Life Extension Booster provides the proper amount of gamma tocopherol and the tocotrienols to work synergistically with the alpha tocopherol in Life Extension Mix.

Life Extension Booster is a convenient, low-cost method of obtaining high amounts of disease-preventing nutrients such as the tocotrienols, lycopene, lutein, gamma tocopherol, and selenium in just 1 capsule. For a complete description of Life Extension Booster, see the following table. For those who only want to take extra gamma tocopherol, the Life Extension Buyers Club offers a very low-cost gamma tocopherol supplement that contains the identical potency as Life Extension Booster.

Recommendation 3 - Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). Suggested dosage: Take 30-300 mg a day with a meal.

As we grow older, our natural production of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) declines. Because cells need CoQ10 for energy production, the result of a CoQ10 deficiency can be seen in a greater incidence of many degenerative diseases associated with aging.

The heart is often adversely affected by a CoQ10 deficiency, but an increasing body of evidence indicates that the brain is also likely to suffer from an inadequate supply of CoQ10 (Ostrowski 1999; 2000).

About 95% of cellular energy is produced from structures in the cell called mitochondria. The mitochondria have been described as the cells' "energy powerhouses" and the diseases of aging have been referred to as "mitochondrial disorders." A growing body of published scientific research links a deficiency of CoQ10 to a host of brain diseases related to mitochondrial disorders (DiMauro 1999; Shults et al. 1999).

When CoQ10 is administered orally, it is incorporated into the mitochondria of cells throughout the body where it facilitates and regulates the oxidation of fats and sugars into energy. Aging humans produce only 50% of the CoQ10 that young adults do, which makes CoQ10 one of the most important nutrients for people over the age of 30 to take as a supplement.

Most people don't realize that CoQ10 is a fat-soluble nutrient. By taking CoQ10 in an oil-based capsule, the CoQ10 can be absorbed through the lymphatic canals for better distribution throughout the body.

Life Extension was the first to offer CoQ10 in a softgel oil capsule. The CoQ10 in these oil capsules comes from the finest Japanese pharmaceutical-grade supplier. Life Extension was also the first to fortify its CoQ10 softgels with palm-oil tocotrienols. Tocotrienols are potent antioxidants that may be particularly effective in protecting brain cells against oxidative damage. Published studies indicate that tocotrienols may help to prevent many diseases.

Recommendation 4 - DHEA and Restoring Youthful Hormone Balance. Suggested dosage: Take 25-50 mg daily.

Youthful hormone balance is critical to maintaining health and preventing disease in women and men over age 40. One hormone that is deficient in almost everyone over 35 is dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

An abundance of human data indicates that DHEA is a vitally important hormone (Watson et al. 1996). DHEA appears to protect every part of the body against the ravages of aging. Published studies link low levels of DHEA with:

  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Osteoporosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Excess body fat accumulation
  • Type-II diabetic complications
  • Reduction in lean body mass
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Immune dysfunction
  • Cerebral ischemic injury

The dose of supplemental DHEA most people need to restore their levels to that of a 21-year-old is 25-50 mg a day. Not everyone, however, can take advantage of the multiple benefits of DHEA. Men and women with hormone-related cancers should not take DHEA.

There are other hormones (such as melatonin and testosterone) that some people need in order to restore youthful balance. Men should refer to the Male Hormone Modulation protocol and women should refer to the Female Hormone Modulation protocol.

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